Can IVF Treatment Be Used in Family Balancing?

Family balancing in its broadest sense is a family that has equal numbers of males and females in it. However, in reality, when it comes to family balancing in practical terms, it is because there is a significant imbalance in the number of males or females and the parents would like to determine the sex […]

Why Choose to Have IVF Treatment in Bangkok?

Couples who are experiencing difficulty conceiving may consider in-vitro fertilisation or IVF as it is more commonly known, as an option. However, wherever you have IVF treatment in the world, it is expensive, and with no guarantees of success, so it will inevitably be a tough decision. As cost is such a significant factor, an […]

A Complete Guide to IVF

In Vitro Fertilization (commonly referred to as IVF) is easily one of the best recognized and commonly used fertility treatment for couples who struggle to conceive. It is a process which takes time and careful consideration by both the patient and their advising medical professional, as with any medical procedure, it comes with risks and […]

Four Most Common Treatments to Receive at a Fertility Clinic

Whether you are merely exploring your options for gender selection IVF or looking for advice and assistance with a long-standing reproductive issue, fertility clinics provide far more services to their clients than most people would assume. After all, a lot of people seeking their services may not necessarily have trouble conceiving, and not all of […]

Acupuncture and IVF: The New Trend

Many people enjoy exploring more traditional or ‘natural’ approaches to their medical treatment. From aromatherapy to traditional Chinese medicine, there are many ways to compliment any therapy you may be receiving through a more holistic means. When talking about fertility and fertility treatment, this is even more common, as many people experiencing problems with conception […]

4 Questions to Ask at Your First IVF Consultation

Going through the motions of finding a suitable IVF clinic to handle your fertility treatment can be a daunting and nerve-wracking experience. Add on top of this the general feeling of uncertainty that usually comes with the knowledge that you have a reproductive health issue and it becomes easier to understand these emotions. But if […]

BMI and IVF, Should I Be Concerned?

Some of the more common questions asked by the patients at First Fertility are regarding their weight, lifestyle or BMI. Rising obesity rates across the world have meant that, unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly hard to ignore the issue. This is worrying for patients undergoing IVF treatment as the potential consequences of having a high […]

How to Choose a Thailand based Fertility Clinic?

The amount of reasons why one may need to consult a fertility clinic are extremely varied. Maybe you have been trying to conceive for a while and have been having little to no success. Or perhaps you have a preexisting fertility complication that requires you to seek the services of a fertility clinic in Bangkok. […]

Why Indian and Chinese nationals consider Thailand an IVF Hub

Thailand has always been known for its medical tourism trade, from those seeking gender reassignment surgery to those looking for cheap dental treatments, Thailand offers it all in terms of a medical tourism destination. However, in recent years there has been a large shift in focus from two very specific nationalities for a single kind […]

How Many Times Should You Try IVF Treatment?

Coming to the realization that you cannot conceive a child naturally can be devastating. In fact, this realization has ruined many relationships no matter how close the partners were before. With that being said, if you and your partner choose to stick together, there are a few roads that you can take. Of course, adoption […]