How to Improve IVF Success Rates After Embryo Implantation

Your journey through IVF treatment will most likely be a rollercoaster of different emotions, from joy and hopefulness through to anxiety and concern. However, the most nerve-racking time for many women is the embryo transfer process, as it is the final step of their treatment and the final hurdle to becoming pregnant. Throughout this time […]

What Are the Main Causes of IVF Failure?

Given all that doctors don’t understand about natural pregnancy and childbirth, it makes sense that the process of IVF is not perfect. IVF, or in-vitro fertilization, is one of the most well-known procedures in reproductive medicine. It involves several careful steps that include stimulating a woman’s ovaries and retrieving her eggs, as well as fertilization […]

Common Instructions for Patients After an Embryo Transfer Is Completed

During the early days of in vitro fertilization, women were often required to remain on bed rest at a fertility clinic for up to seven days after an embryo transfer. Doctors believed that women needed to remain stationary to prevent the embryo from falling out. Another common procedure involved placing women in a position where […]